Winter Weather

We hope that, despite the cold, wet, and snowy weather experienced by much of our country this winter, you have been able to spend plenty of time comfortably warm inside your home, protected from the elements. But rough weather like this is an interesting time to think about your roof, don’t you agree? Whether it’s rainy, windy, snowy, or even blazing hot, let’s face it -- your roof is not a pleasant place to be. Harsh weather is why most roofing materials wear and break down very quickly, ultimately beginning to make your home vulnerable to the weather.

Hopefully you’ll be cozily enjoying a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, but right now actually is the perfect time to think about your roof and begin planning for any roofing projects you need to undertake.

 If you’re starting to see shingles curl or even break off, or if black streaks of algae are making your roof unattractive, this could very well be your year to face the inevitable, a new roof.

Today’s metal roofing technology offers you the opportunity to make sure that your next roof is more than just a few more years of temporary protection from the elements. If chosen carefully, your next roof will provide added value and even greater protection to your home. It can even increase your home’s energy efficiency, saving energy dollars for you as well as for future owners of your home.

An  Investment grade stone coated metal roof By Gerard will make your home more beautiful, and, thanks to its incredible durability and the advanced finishes that are available, will keep your home look fresh long into the future. Additionally, a metal roof can reduce your home’s energy costs through its reflection of radiant heat.

At Midwest Lifetime Roof Systems we take your home’s quality, beauty, and energy efficiency very seriously. We are always looking at the issues that plague other roofing materials and creating solutions to those problems so that your next roof can be more than just another few years of temporary protection from the elements.

So, despite the cold and harsh weather outside, begin your journey toward a Stone Coated metal roof now! Sit back with a warm beverage and give us a call at 1-314-471-7956. We can answer your questions, show you pictures of our beautiful roofs, and get you a quote right away.

We hope that you and yours are having a safe and enjoyable winter and we look forward to working hard for your confidence.

P.S. As you plan for your next roofing project, you may also want to consider our unique Radiant Barrier product to make your next roof even better. Radiant Barrier can be used with any roofing material and combines the latest in radiant barrier technology with insulation and ventilation to make your next roof as energy efficient as it can be. Tested and recognized by the US Department of Energy for its amazing energy efficiency!

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