Midwest Lifetime Roof Systems Testimonials

Another quality job completed by Midwest Lifetime Roof Systems! They just finished our roof in under two days and did a fantastic job. Prior to making the purchase final, we surveyed a few local homes in the area that had same color/style. Each property was consistently well done.

Cary did a very good job explaining the differences in Gerard roofing and was very informative and no pressure sales.
I'll try to post an update after a few storms and such to report any differences between this roof and the asphalt roofing. ~~ Patrick Gasior 

Dear Cary,

I am writing this to let you know what an excellent crew your company has. These young men worked at an amazing pace and did excellent work. You told me how good they are and they certainly were.

I am very pleased with the appearance of the roof and guttering. I continue to receive compliments about the roof. We have had a few hard downpours including the day they finished. I have seen no indications of any problems with water and as you know we had many leaks!! I noticed the crew took extra care on the detail work and adding crickets where needed.

Let all involved, in the replacement of our roof, know how much we appreciate their good work. As of this writing I have recommended your company four times!
- Robert Shawn, St. Treresa of Avila Church.

We just wanted to send you a quick note about our new Gerard roof.  We could not be more pleased with our choice.  It has added great curb appeal to our home and within a day of the installation being complete we were already getting compliments from our neighbors.  The crew was tremendous and did a fantastic job all around.  I have never seen such a hard working team in my life.  Best of all we have had several heavy rainfalls since the installation and haven't had to get out the buckets to catch the leaks we had before getting the new roof.  That alone was worth the purchase.  Thanks again for all your help and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Midwest and Gerard to anyone who asked.  -John and Charlotte Gilsinn 


The Gerard Roof installed by Midwest Lifetime Roofing System, Inc. is a significant improvement to our home for three reasons.  First, the wide range of styles and colors allowed us to select a roof that added significant curb appeal to our residence.  Second, the energy efficiency of our home went up significantly.  This roof will pay for itself many times over during its lifetime.  And third, the installation crew were very professional not only from their craftsmanship and work ethic but they were courteous and clean.  I recommend this system to anyone.  Many have stopped by the house and asked where the roof came from.  I have directed all of them to Midwest Lifetime Roof Systems.--Fred Brown


When a company delivers on its promises that is good service, when a company exceeds all expectations that is unforgettable service, Midwest Lifetime Roofing exceeded my expectations. I am recommending your company and your roofing system to all my friends, family and business associates, as well as any stranger who mentions they need a new roof. 


Thanks for being one of those rare companies that exceeds clients expectations!- Alan Jones, Kennelwood Pet Resorts



Cary , we can't stop looking at our new roof . The style and color that you helped us choose enhance our home and the neighborhood . The crew was careful , tidy and very efficient . Bob and I are very pleased with the results . Thanks Cary -Mary Larose, Edwardsville,IL


Cary, We've had our roof for about 1 year now and it LOOKS GREAT.
We get compliments on it all  the time. People can't believe it's a metal roof.
 We're very happy with it. Thank you so much for the Roof Tour to pick our color! George Robbins, St. Charles, MO

Dear Cary,
We both wanted to let you know how much we love our Midwest Lifetime Roof System. It adds beauty and elegance to the house.
The whole process was done in a timely professional manner. If anyone has any questions about getting a roof like this please have them call us. We love the roof. Cary's expertise and knowledge made the process enjoyable and easy.
Jane and Joe Arrington, Clayton,MO

Cary,  I received your letter and wanted to just say thank you.  Susan and I are both happy with the color.  I am not an expert on the workmanship but the job looks very good. 
Finally,  I want to thank you for helping us through the selection process as well as your patience.  
  Bob & Susan McCormack, Belleville, IL

Cary Babinec-
We replaced our broken tile roof with a stone-coated steel roof and solved a bunch of problems- we got rid of the wild critters living up there; we lowered our home insurance cost because it's hail resistant; our electricity bill has gone down an average of $10/month after the summer, and the furnace is running less than usual to keep us cozy. I can't wait to see the gas bill average after this "better insulated" winter! And it looks so nice- we live on a busy street and get compliments all the time! It was amazing to watch the Midwest guys take the old roof off and put the new one on! So efficient and courteous! One of the best things we've ever done!  Thank you.
Jan & Bob Chamberlin, Webster Groves, MO

Cary Babinec~

I would like to thank you for the successful roof installation project at Bonhomme Presbyterian Church. The selection of Gerard roof sytems followed an extensive evaluation of alternatives for the repair of the existing leaking roofs.  Points worthy of note were:

  • As predicted by Midwest Lifetime Roof Systems, the installation of this approximate 17,000 square of roof on three separate highly pitched structures was completed in 8 working days. I must say I was skeptical with the time interval quoted by Midwest.
  • The crews were an excellent group of craftsman.
  • The attention to the needs of Bonhomme during the work was handled without any difficulty to the church.
  • The work was completed on time and at the quoted bid cost.
  • The roof looks great.
  • We have not had time to evaluate the energy savings from the roof system but I anticipate a savings in our energy expenses.
It was a pleasure to work with Midwest Lifetime Roof Systems.

James L. Kilby- Bonhomme Presbyterian Church, Chesterfield, MO
Building and Grounds Ministry

Dear Cary Babinec, 

I am writing to express my appreciation and A plus satisfaction with Midwest Lifetime Roof Systems, Inc. From the minute I first talked with you on the phone, through the responsive, accurate and professional estimate you provided and followup contacts, you were a delight to work with on the replacement of my old slate roof with a Gerard Metal Roof System.

Midwest Lifetime Roof System
s, Inc. is one of those rare companies that inspires customer satisfaction based on excellent communication and reliable, professional, and beautiful workmanship. Your office personnel (Beverly), foreman (Carlos), job foreman (Jorge) and work crew were all just great. I cannot say enough good things about my entire experience, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new Gerard roof. Thank you! -Sharon Fox, St.Louis,MO

Cary Babinec
My husband and I recently purchased and had installed the Gerard metal roofing system by   Midwest Lifetime Roofing Systems. It is by far one of the best purchases we have ever made!
I never imagined we could fall in love with a roof.  From start to finish we have received the most professional help by not only the sales crew but the installers as well.  Each individual from sales to billing to install gave us top notch service and care.  

The roof itself is gorgeous!  Not only is it stunning, it has as promised reduced our electric bill.  Installed for a little over two months the difference is unreal.  We live in a beautiful 1895 victorian with no heating or cooling in our second or third floor.  Within the first week we could feel a major difference.  Our roof has been the talk of our little town as all the neighbors have been slowly cruising by to get a great view.  
We would recommend this product to anyone! We look forward to all of our future savings and never having to worry about our roof again.  110% satisfaction... no doubt!
Thank you, 
Brandie Winters

We Could not be more pleased with our new roof. Its everything we hoped for and more.  Your Crew did a wonderful Job. Thank you so much!

The Cowardin Family, Henry, Marjorie, and Dale

Cary Babinec
I researched a lot of roofing companies and spoke to a few who claimed to specialize in metal roofs.  I was impressed with Cary Babinec from the moment I spoke with him on the phone the first time. 

He went above and beyond at every step, driving us around on a "color tour" to see some of their company's past installations to inform our color choice, etc. 

The installation crew was top notch.  I really can't say enough good things about this company.  I feel like they were cheaper than the competition and also far more professional. 

We now have an indestructible roof that provides us with a nice discount on our insurance and a lot of peace of mind during violent storms.
~Tom Remes

Cary Babinec, 
Just a little note letting you know how much we like our new roof. My neighbors have all commented on how elegant it looks, and I could not agree more. The workers that installed it made sure they explained why they were using longer nails for the new sheathing than the original builders used (to make sure the plywood stays down in a storm), and made it clear they were using screws to hold the new metal roof down so a storm would not lift it off.
Various people have expressed concern that the roof would be noisy in the rain, but we have had some major downpours since installation, and this roof is as quiet if not more quiet than an asphalt roof. I could not be happier.

The knowledge that I will never again have to worry about my roof needing  replacement is such a comfort, and I want to thank you and Midwest Lifetime Roof  Systems for doing such a fine job.
--Greg Wirtel, St Louis, MO



 Fred Denny, Homeowners Association 

“Even though we were price conscious, we didn’t want to end up with a cheap roof that wasn’t going to last. We looked at cheaper roofs, asphalt was one that we looked at. But as far as enhancing the property, no way. After we saw the pros and cons of all the different products available, the [condominium] board had an easy decision to make. We are really happy that we made a decision that pleased everyone. This is one where we haven’t had even one complaint.”

From McKendree University, Lebanon, IL
We had the library roof done several years ago. Midwest Lifetime Roof Systems was referred to us as the Best Metal Roof company around. The year after our roof was installed we had a huge wind storm. The library roof was not damaged like all the Asphalt roofs were. We have now been through 3 hails storms with no damage! We are replacing a new dormitory roof with stone coated steal after every big storm. They have saved us a great deal of money.

CaryBabinec~ We love our new roof.  You helped us with our selection and we are very glad we listened to your suggestions.  The guys who put on our roof were a team of eager beavers.   They were hard workers and appeared to pay attention to detail.  Anyway just a note of thanks for your patience and help with color and type of shingle.  I am so glad I called after receiving a second letter from you.   We were just about ready to sign on the dotted line for asphalt shingles.  That was a close one.
  K. Beck, St. Charles, MO



When we had hail damage to our already old roof back in April I knew it was time to replace the whole thing. Started hearing about metal roofs and got curious.  Found your site and liked what I read. I also liked the reponse when I called. Within pretty short order I had an estimate and answers to all my questions. A few months later the roof is now on and it looks great.

I already have a refund check from my homeowners insurance for $356 and change. I can expect those savings every year as a result of the new roof. I am looking forward to energy savings in the summer and best of all I know I won't have to deal with a replacement roof as long as I stay alive and stay in this house.
I would definitely recommend Cary and Midwest Lifetime Roof Systems to anyone looking for a metal roof. Everyone took pride in their job, from sales to logistics/scheduling through to installation. Very impressed. I feel like this is the best decision we've made with respect to our home. Ron Ramey, St Louis, MO



Midwest Lifetime Roof Systems and Cary Babinec, the St. Louis area salesman, are tops in my book.  I had doubts about the color selected for my new metal roof and Cary reassured me that my first choice was the right one, and not to change my mind.  Well, it was a good decision with many neighbor compliments on the roof. This was my fifth and last roof in 35 years of ownership.  I highly recommend the Gerard Metal Roofs and Midwest Lifetime Roof Systems.  Jim Meyer-Trenton, IL


I had a new metal roof put on by Midwest ifetime Roof Systems. It is a Gerard roof. I had to write to you and tell you how great the experience has been. I first saw the roof at the home show in St Louis, MO. with Cary Babinec. I did some research on the internet. What attracked me to the product was the warranty, fireproof, apprearance and energy savings. I am in the service industry and I know what good value and service are.

The Midwest crew arrived a 6:30 am and removed the old roof and installed a new stone coated metal roof. They cleaned up everything and were done by 3:30. I am VERY Picky and inspected their work and clean up. They did a fantastic job and the quality of their work is impeccable.  Everything was colormatched and stone coated. You have a fantastic system worth every penny. I have peace of mind for durability, fireproofing, energy savings and insurance savings. I do not usually write to companies about their work but this system is so great I had to.
- Roger Weiss, Caseyville, IL 



"We are very happy with our new roof. We think it looks spectacular. We really appreciated the extra time and consideration showing us all the colors and profiles. (2 hour roof tour).

We give you the highest compliment for the work ethics of your employess. Their dress, mannerisms, and quality of workmanship was VERY impressive. The overall project of a new roof proved to be a pleasant experience.

Please feel free to show our home to your prospective customers and use us as a reference".  Don & Jackie Schappe, St Charles, MO



Madison County suffered a severe wind storm in May of 2009. Our 100+ year old courthouse received damage to the roof that required replacement. After taking bids and looking at other projects that Midwest  Lifetime Roof Systems had installed we chose their bid to replace our damaged courthouse roof.
After working with
  Lifetime Roof systems and seeing the result we believe this to be the best decision the county has made in years.
After results, the installation was stunning and the installation crews were the most efficient and professional group you could ever hope to work with. We were kept aware of all aspects of the project as it was completed in a most timely manner.
 To cut it short I would recommend Lifetime Roof Systems to anyone.                 
John E. Rauls

                                                        Presiding Commissioner
                                                        Madison County Missouri

"The most impressive factor in your presentation was your providing a complete reference list and upfront pricing.  It was obvious you are proud of your work and unafraid to encourage prospective customers to inspect your roofs.  That alone sold me on your company." 

"Having researched stone coated roofs and the area companies who install them, I was greatly impressed with your work.  I plan on recommending you and your company to any one who may be seeking to replace their roof."  

"The other companies I asked for prices from could not produce any completed roofs with referrals. You had 20 pages of completed roof referrals to look at. You stood head and shoulders above the rest of the companies." 


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