How to select a metal roofing contractor

Questions You Should Ask Any Roofing Company Proposing to Install a Stone Coated Steel Roof

  1. Can they provide you with an installation list?  If so, is the installation list their own or another company's?
  2. How many installations have they completed and can you get reference names and phone numbers?
  3. Who will supervise the installation?  How much experience do they have?
  4. How long has the crew been installing stone-coated steel?  (Installing other roofing products is very simple in comparison to installing steel!)
  5. Is the material being purchased from a general roofing warehouse or is it made specifically for your job, and will all roof panels match?
  6. Can you get a lien waiver from both the installer and manufacturer?
  7. Has the salesperson shown you both warranties and explained the difference?
  8. Is the company a member of the Better Business Bureau?
  9. How long has the company been installing stone-coated steel roofs specifically?
  10. Is the company licensed in your county and/or city to install roofs?
  11. How does the company handle any problems with their installation and how is their labor warranty?
  12. Will the company provide an insurance certificate providing liability and workman's compensation coverage?  If so, you should call the insurance provider and verify the policy is in force!
  13. Do they have an Illinois license (for Illinois customers)?  Check on this website:  

These are questions you need to ask and get answered before you sign any contract!!

At almost every home show I listen to all the complaints from homeowners who had a bad metal roof installed.  100% of the time they never did the above.

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