Asphalt vs Metal Price






Metal roof pricing vs. Asphalt roof pricing.

  At home shows people ask “what does a metal roof cost over an asphalt roof?”


 There is no quick easy answer, but after years of selling metal roofs I will tell you what I see every week.

  It really depends on who is putting the roof on and what roof you're buying!  Cheap asphalt roofs are sold all over the St. Louis area. You can buy a cheaply installed asphalt roof everywhere.

 The really good asphalt roofs are done by companies who care about their reputation. If you have to buy an asphalt roof find out about their reputation!  A really good asphalt roof (40 year prorated warranty) runs about $350-$400 a square installed.

 A Square= 100 sq feet. Roofing is done in squares of your roof area NOT your living space area

 There is no common size for a roof, every one is different. 

 Our base level Lifetime Warranty Stone coated steel roof (Granite Ridge) starts at $495 a square installed. Price goes up depending on pitch of your roof and waste factor of material. This roof has no Batten, Counter Batten System. It is applied over your existing roof provided it is only one layer of asphalt.

You do not have to take the old roof off. The decking MUST be in good shape! We will repair it if it is not. We will never install a Stone Coated steel roof on a bad roof deck. The warranty is still a TRUE no nonsense Lifetime Warranty! 

 High Profile roof cost. (most popular)

An upgrade from that roof is the same roof tested by the Dept of energy to be 45% more energy efficient that an asphalt roof. That is a batten counter batten system high profile roof (most popular) with 3 very different profiles. This roof is self venting. It will pay for itself in time faster than a non batten roof! 

The price is dependent on pitch factor and difficulty. We will nail or screw your roof on. There is a sales gimmick that a screwed on roof is better, it is not! We don’t like screws because they look horrible! The warranty is the same.

We will tear your old roof off at cost if it makes you feel better. We then install state of the art synthetic underlayment with no extra charge.

 Do not let anyone tell you the old (1 layer) roof has to be torn off. It is a sales gimmick to drive up the price! It’s not true! We have thousands installed over existing roofs. The warranty on our roof is a true (non prorated, no weasel clause) Lifetime Warranty. If there is any section of your old roof in poor condition we will repair it. (4 sheets of wood is included if needed.) 

 We DO NOT install our roofs over bad sections of your old roof. 

 All of our prices are computer generated, NO GAMES. We put all roof factors and materials in the computer and the actual price is generated. NO game playing with high quotes that drop like a rock when there's competition. No Show homes!

 All of our materials come from the factory made for your home. We do not buy roofing from overseas or distributors (middle men) which can increase the price. All our roofs are recycled steel made in the USA. 

We use only our own highly trained crews.

Our 4 man crews work all year long! If your reading this on a sunny day during the week we are putting on 4-7 roofs right now!

Expert detailing NO Extra Charge. 

We use a detailing system for leak prevention and curb appeal second to NO ONE. We do not charge extra for this system. Every roof comes with it. Competitors don't even attempt what we do. Our reputation drives our business.

Beware Metal Roof pricing scams!


 There are companies making you believe they are the best with long power point presentations. They offer a price good for one day only and the prices are ridiculously high. Slick salesmen who pester you is not our way of doing business. I commonly hear "thanks for not pestering us like other companies".

We explain what we do in detail; then you can take your time to decide 

Special and Difficult Roofs

 Because we do roofs that are on historically registered buildings and difficult roofs no one else will do, we tell all future customers. 

“The harder you look at our reputation and quality the better we will look.”

 Just ask our roof owners. One reason is we offer our exclusive 2 hour roof tour. We invite you to see our work. You will always get a list of our installations. 

Our Goal is your 100% Satisfaction. Better Business Bureau rated A+ 

We are very proud of our product and company. Our reputation means a lot to us.  Your curb appeal also means a lot to us!

We want your home to look like the best house in your neighborhood!  


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