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No one wants to pay more for something than they should! 


No one wants to buy a product that you know is going to fail prematurely! 


Economists call them "market inefficiencies"--those periods when the price or life cycle of something veers from its underlying, inherent value. Consumers on the short end of these misalignments call them rip-offs.


We're not talking fraud here. We're talking about all the ways, within the law, that we allow ourselves to be taken for a ride. A 30 year asphalt roof warranty is never going to see 30 years. The manufacturer knows it and the homeowner on some level does too.


Rip-offs imply choice. If there's truly no substitute for a particular good or service, then you'll put up with a poor warranty.


That's good work for businesses that can get it, but plenty rely on our collective naivete, distraction, shortsightedness and high stress levels when pushing this flimflam.


To be sure, in some cases we know we're being taken but we put up with it anyway. What you may not know is just how egregious the gouging is.



Every week I hear "My roof is only 8 years old - why are my gutters filled with granules?" "There's 3 years left on my roof and it's only 9 years old!"  "Why are pieces of shingles coming off in the wind?".

"I have leaks around my skylights". "I have water running down the walls and my roof is only 9 years old". "I'm not covered under the warranty anymore."

 You don't have to be ripped off with a mediocre roof product.

Think of your home as an investment. I'm sure you did when you bought it.


 In St Louis there are dozens of people who sell cheap asphalt roofs. They are used to taking shortcuts on installations that will adversely affect the life of the roof. The homeowner does not know if its installed correctly. The installation crews are usually sub-contracted out to the lowest bidder. This ecomomy has left even good companies without their own crews.

I cringe whenever I see poor work being passed on to a unknowing homeowner. But worst of all homeowners never read the warranty!

Full Replacement on an asphalt roof is usually only good for 5 years on a 30 year roof!  Then the warranty is prorated and loaded with "weasel clauses". What's a weasel clause?....We have figured out how not to pay anyone for this warranty.

The manufacturer has figured out a way to tell you in "legal-ease" we don't stand behind our product.

 Read the warranty! I read one that actually said "A roof leak is not considered a roof failure".

My biggest issue with new asphalt roofs is the product has been severely redesigned with cheap fillers.  Pick up a roof shingle at a home improvement store and tear it. It's more like colored cardboard.

I have noticed that some contractors refuse to take that bottom price/quality mentality. I often see them at the same home where we are quoting a Lifetime stone coated steel roof. I keep track of their reputation. I recommend them to my homeowners.  They live off their reputation for quality, as do we, for doing the best possible job and using the best product. They understand the words Trust, Value, Curb Appeal and Reputation go hand in hand with their business. They want to be known as a company to be trusted.

They are never afraid to show their work to future customers. At home shows they have lots of pictures to show to future customers. They will have lists and phone numbers to hand a customer as a referral. They are extremely proud to show they have excelled in their work.

Investment Grade Roofs will repay you for your choice.

Metal roofs are not easy to install correctly. They take great skill to install but they will survive all storms, even hurricanes.

Methods of attachment and all roof penetrations get special attention. They have to be wind rated and designed to bring out your homes value.

Our roofs are installed to be problem free for a lifetime. They are not prorated to fail in the future! They have some real advantages when installed correctly.

 The biggest advantage is they have more curb appeal. They are constantly ventilating to shed heat. They have a very high reflectivity to the sun 65% compared to asphalts 10%.
 To get the quality we demand we only use our own crews who have hundreds of installs. Our crews are often sought after for their attention to detail and work ethic.  No shortcuts are ever taken.

You are going to love the way your house looks when we are done. You are going to love the way your house looks in 10, 20, and 30 years too. You can rest easy after the next wind or hail storm.

You will always get a referral list to see for yourself. We invite you to see our installations. 

There is only one drawback to our roofs, "Your neighbors will be jealous." 




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