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A Roof that Saves you money... year after year!


So how do we install our money saving energy efficient roof?

  "The coolest part of my home in summer is upstairs under your roof"

          "I can't believe how much our electric bill went down!"

Our Radiant Barrier is installed to keep the heat from entering into the home.

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Next comes the counter batten system. The system the Dept. of Energy tested to be 45% more energy efficient than any other roofing system they tested.
"30% of that figure comes from sub tile venting by using the batten system."

It simply means that the air space allows the roof to transfer the heat out through vents rather than into your home. 

An asphalt roof is a huge sponge that sucks heat into the roof deck then into your home. Your A/C then has the huge job of cooling it! A radiant barrier counter batten system traps the hot air and through convection vents it back into the outside air.

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 Next the valleys are carefully installed. Water is channeled to the valleys to shed water and snow.                                                                                                                   

 - valleyinstall1s

Next the chimney is cut so metal can be fit into the chimney and bent to fit.

An asphalt roof can not bend so a metal flashing is used. Between the two materials leaks develop over time. 30% of the roof leaks we see are from flashing failures.

A steel roof has no draws backs. It's custom cut and bent on site to fit the chimney slot so no water will ever find its way in. Then a permanent seal is added.

Vents that are totally hail- and wind- proof are locked into the grid making sure that air and moisture get out.

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'Roof to wall' areas are treated with the same sealing process. No roof caulk is used because it doesn't survive. The urethane is granite stone chipped (not mineral chips like asphalt) to make the seal look better and protect it far better from harmful UV rays. No multi colored pieces here. Everything matches.

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When you're done you have A "True Lifetime Roof System" that never leaks, always looks good, and never needs maintenance! It's your last roof. Do you really want to buy more roofs?


Just another reason we tell our future roof owners,

 "The harder you look at roof companies the better we look! "

 - favassasmall2

This roof will make Favazza's Italian Restaurant guests more comfortable summer or winter. Plus it gives his restaurant the look of a Tuscany village. Tony Favazza has worked for 35 years here. He is still up every morning before you and I to make sure the food is prepared correctly.

He doesn't take any chances with his reputation. He is extremely proud of his clientele list. Ask him and he will rattle off dozens of companies he has catered for years. His pride in his restaurant means a lot to him. Try his food and you will taste that pride. 

We feel the same way about roofs and roof owners! 


Big Roofs and Historic Buildings have very difficult requirements.

We surpass those with our Lifetime Labor and Material Lifetime warranty.





 - frontcourthousesmall. 

This court house history goes back to the Civil War. The Historic committee came up to St. Louis and looked at our other roofs. They cannot afford any leaks in Historic Buildings!

They talked with the owners, superintendents, and building committees. The response from other owners was the same, A+. 

Our reputation doesn't just mean a lot to us, it means everything. 


"I don't want to replace my roof again.  I don't want any leaks. I don't want any maintenance. I replaced too many roofs and I hate the algae stains!"

This is what we hear from our homeowners. We agree!


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