Metal Roof Experience

I have been selling metal roofs (stone coated steel) quite awhile now. I have some observations that may help you make a decision.

At home shows I often see past roofowners whose roof we installed many years ago. They make an effort to come by to see me.  It is always a delightful experience.  You see at the time they bought a metal roof it was a decision to spend more money for a high quality product and a first class installation.  That decision always involves questioning  "Why should I do it?" 

I've asked my homeowners what made them make that decision.  I found some interesting answers.  It didn't have to do so much with hail or wind issues like I expected, and though durability was a big factor, it was not the top reason.

It was mostly about pride of ownership!  Their house now looks amazing and it never changes!  

People who visit them are amazed at how good their house looks even years after the installation of a stone coated metal roof. 

- keohanerearRB 

This is the back of a house we did on Windrush Creek in St. Louis MO. I suggested to the owners a soft red barrel roof on a red brick house! When I originally suggested to them a red barrel roof they kinda flipped out. But upon seeing it on the roof color tour they were pleasantly surprised. They went with it, and to this day their friends who come over always comment on how great their house looks!
I so enjoy these comments and stories !!

- bahrbarrel 

This homeowner lives in Rolla, Mo. They came up for my 2 hour roof tour to look for a gray shake roof. After driving them around and viewing all the colors they were stunned at the darker red barrel. They thought the house had to be Spanish to have a red barrel. NOT SO!!  They LOVE it!

As a result of this roof one of their close friends in East Moline IL got a Midnight Steel Barrel roof ! She had to have a Gerard roof also after seeing their beauty! It's funny how curb appeal works! 

- ByrneCanyonshakeRB

This log home owner had one ugly boring leaky roof! After full exposure to all the colors we totally changed the curb appeal! It looks really good, doesn't it? 

 One of my favorite things in this business is making happy new friends!! 


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